Rajnish Khanna, Ph.D. is a strategic biotechnology consultant, plant and soil health scientist applying multidisciplinary approaches for research and development. Known for empowering the industry through strategic partnerships and leveraging advanced technologies to increase product impact, governmental regulatory process and marketing support. Rajnish is a plant photobiologist, interested in how informational light signal is perceived and translated by organisms into biological response. Rajnish obtained his doctorate in Plant Molecular Biology at Purdue University, he is well published. He has served as a lead scientist in biotechnology industry and has worked at the University of California, Berkeley and Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University. Rajnish is the founder of TerreLocal application and the consultation company i-Cultiver, Inc.

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Photobiology and the coming food revolution: Conversation with Deepak Chopra, Rajnish Khanna, & Poonacha Machaiah

Now, anyone can sell or buy their local food. Donate good food and help reduce food waste. Set up pickup, delivery or shipping. All at one place on the web. Checkout the first release of our site, TerreLocal. It’s free to join!

The Science of Consciousness Online Conference.
  • Day 1, Monday September 14

On Demand Workshop: Plants, Mushrooms, Medicine & Consciousness 

Zoom Live Workshop Discussion: Chanel 1

10:00AM – 11:00AM (MST/PDT)

(Dan ‘Josh’ Horner, Rajnish Khanna, Paul Stamets, Dennis McKenna)

  • Day 2, Tuesday September 15

On Demand Concurrent: “A unifying theory of consciousness involving psychoactive molecules as informational signaling mechanisms” – Rajnish Khanna

Zoom Live Concurrent Discussion: C4 Neural Correlates of Consciousness 1

5:00PM – 5:45PM (MST)


‘Beta’ version of TerreLocal launched. Check it out!


CLASlite – satellite based forest monitoring software is available to anyone interested in remote sensing.

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