New Perspectives on Biological Consciousness

As a photobiologist, Rajnish has developed a new way of exploring the nature of biological consciousness. His ideas are based upon the nature of information, which can be packaged in many forms. Biological systems have adapted various ways to translate information and respond to their incumbent environments based upon their genetic and physical makeup. After years of exploration, Rajnish has identified a likely candidate biochemical signal-transduction pathway. His research is ongoing, leading to the need for a yet unknown receptor playing a role in biological consciousness. Rajnish has designed experiments to test these hypothesis and is continuing his investigation into the so called ‘hard problem’.

Key Events and Announcements

The Science of Consciousness Online Conference.
  • Day 1, Monday September 14

On Demand Workshop: Plants, Mushrooms, Medicine & Consciousness 

Zoom Live Workshop Discussion: Chanel 1

1:00PM – 2:00PM (MST)

(Dan ‘Josh’ Horner, Rajnish Khanna, Paul Stamets, Dennis McKenna)

  • Day 2, Tuesday September 15

On Demand Concurrent: “A unifying theory of consciousness involving psychoactive molecules as informational signaling mechanisms” – Rajnish Khanna

Zoom Live Concurrent Discussion: C4 Neural Correlates of Consciousness 1

4:30PM – 5:30PM (MST)

April 2020

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